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As the pioneer physiotherapy and sports injury center in Negeri Sembilan since our establishment in 1988, Ropheka has been a trailblazer in the healthcare sector. Founded by Madam Sara Premkumar, who recognized the necessity for a private physiotherapy center in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, we prioritized serving our local community over larger cities like Selangor or Kuala Lumpur where awareness of physiotherapy was lacking. Now, under the leadership of both, Madam Sara and her daughter, Rebecca, our mission is to deliver top-tier, affordable, and comprehensive patient-centered care in Seremban, with aspirations to expand our impact across Malaysia and beyond. At Ropheka, we’re dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of quality physiotherapy while actively contributing to the betterment of our community through our services.

Meet Our Team

Sara Premkumar

Consultant Physiotherapist, CEO & Director

Rebecca Premkumar

Senior Physiotherapist, COO & Director

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Client's Testimonials

We always strive to provide the best for our customers. This is a summary of their experience with us.

juicy chipsjuicy chips
04:15 16 May 24
I'm currently on my 2nd month, working with Ms Lavanya to improve my sciatica. I've had this condition for years now and it's been bothering me a lot, making my life harder. Ms Lavanya has taught me many exercises to alleviate the pain and numbness, and gives me advice on day to day maintenance such as food management and workout plans. I'm very excited to see more improvement in the near future! The atmosphere at Ropheka is calming and comfortable. Also really appreciate that they send out session reminders so I don't forget to attend. Overall great place for your pain management needs!
Shashmitha AnandarajShashmitha Anandaraj
04:49 11 May 24
I was having sharp pains on top of my knee constantly. I visited Ropheka Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre to get my conditioned checked. They diagnosed me of having Quadricep Tendonitis, which is due to overuse of my knee joints. I was attended by Ms.Lavanya, one of their fantastic physiotherapists. She and the team were so patient in diagnosing my condition and came up with plans for each visits. She even followed up with me from time to time to make sure I'm doing better. I started to see progress for my pain in 3rd month considering my injury was on severe side. I'm still going for my rehab with them now. I would definitely recommend Ropheka team especially Ms.Lavanya as they have a very comfortable and friendly ambience. All of them are professional and very knowledgeable. Its impressive to see the way they greet and treat each of their patients everytime i'm in their premises. Thank you!
Ezra GomezEzra Gomez
03:36 11 May 24
I was having a stiff neck and couldn’t move it properly without feeling a sharp pain. Luckily Rebecca one of the therapist who is also a friend at Ropheka was able to help massage that area to ease the pain for awhile. But after I did the needling at that particular area I felt pain and soreness for that day and the next but after that the pain was gone and I felt so much better. I could move my neck normally all round without feeling any of that pain I felt initially. I would definitely recommend everyone who has any pain of any sort to go to them because they are very friendly and professional in what they do. If you are scared of needles don’t worry because I am, but trust me you would feel so much better after that.
kh chukh chu
04:03 09 May 24
I wasn’t able to do a full squat at the beginning, feeling really hard to balance and very stiff. But Rebecca has helped me a lot to learn how to squat in the correct positions and after a few sessions I’m now able to a full squat. She’s very helpful and very good at explaining things.
Cheng Kim OoiCheng Kim Ooi
10:02 06 May 24
I’ve been having severe pain, stiffness and swelling in my right knee for many years and have been unable to stand for long or do my daily activities without pain. I was diagnosed with stage 4 knee osteoarthritis and was told to undergo surgery. After just a few physiotherapy sessions at Ropheka, my pain and stiffness are completely gone!Prior to undergoing physiotherapy at Ropheka, I had stiff joints and difficulty in walking. After several sessions with Mr Gan, who is a very patient and friendly physiotherapist, I can now walk much better, and my knee joints are less stiff.
Thomas WoonThomas Woon
03:21 30 Jan 24
My mum got half paralyzed due to stroke, plus has serious arthritis on her knee. Unable to stand up and walk properly before the treatment. After taken a package sessions (2 months) treatment, she able to stand up and walk by herself. And, we continued another package session to enhance her.Thanks to Mr. Gan (the therapist) and other staff efforts that make her to exercise more in a correct way.A place that provide slightly different physiotherapy than other places. p/s: when needed, they will give muscle relaxation or "re-alignment" to patient, which is good for my mum case.
wilson wongwilson wong
08:08 11 Oct 23
I recently visited Ropheka Physiotherapy Center, and my experience exceeded expectations. The Rebecca's 's expertise and personalized care stood out. The therapists were attentive, guiding me through effective exercises that significantly improved my mobility. The facility was clean and well-equipped, creating a comfortable environment. I highly recommend for anyone seeking top-notch care and a welcoming atmosphere.

Dr Clarence Stanislaus

I was treated at Ropheka by one of the most senior physiotherapists for persistent backache caused by sports injuries while at college. I was referred by friends who told me that the clinic had a very experienced physiotherapist with more than 30 years of work experience I was quiet impressed with the assessment and treatment by the resident physiotherapist. She was very professional in her approach , i do return periodically for follow up and would add that she never failed to maintain her high standards of professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend Ropheka to anybody who needs physiotherapy whether for conditions that are chronic or those with an acute onset. Please keep up the good work Ropheka!

Ms. Helen Khoo

I was suffering from a prolonged and painful case of frozen shoulder whereby I couldn’t even lift my arm. As my condition worsened, I decided to seek physiotherapy treatment as a last resort. Three months later, I am surprised and overjoyed by the relief and improvement in my condition – the frozen shoulder is gone and my overall fitness has improved dramatically. From the first session, I received an accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment that addressed my shoulder problems acutely. The physiotherapists (Sara, Rebecca & Chris) displayed exceptional dedication and care towards my recovery and allowed me to experience improvement with each session. Thank you all!

Mr. Afiq Adham

I brought my mum to this centre after a doctor recommended it. My mum is suffering from arthritis for quite some time. Her condition worsen in October 2021 where she started to feel pain and discomfort not only on her knees but also on her shin, ankles and thigh. After the just first treatment (comprises of ultrasound treatment, heat treatments, physio activities and exercises etc.), the pain and discomfort that my mum suffered has reduced significantly. Dr. Sara also conducted a thorough examination to my mum and provided her with personalized solutions and advice on how to further improve her condition. We decided to continue the treatment. The price per session is reasonable. I subscribed for a treatment package as it is cheaper. My mum just completed her 7th visit. Dr Sara also provided my mum with useful and practical physio exercises and things to do at home. My mum no longer feels the discomfort on her ankles, shins and thigh. Her knees condition has also improved.

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